Friday, 08.01.2010: Mine, sea…vs carbon and vibration

8 Jan
After yesterday’s ramp I had a nice surprise: my guess was correct as now, the road was going down. First with backwind and speed of 30-40km/h and then 25km/h when it changed. Anyway, it was fun, even to take a picture at higher speed.

I stopped at a mine and get some information: it was a plant which process the material coming out of mine. That one is unique in his kind as it uses salt water from the ocean instead of sulfuric acid. But the copper is still in the oxidated form (“Rost/rouille”). The pure metallic copper will be get by reduction with electricity…which needs very much! Energy from sun or wind cannot be used, as it is not 24/24 and 7/7 available, regarding what the chief said.
I continued the road down to Cifuncho, a lovely fisher pueblo, where 7 dogs where waiting for lunch…. I stopped, took my wood defense and talked to the from far away. I was lucky and did not need to use neither the wood, nor the spray.
After the fresh fish, I enjoyed the view and a baby sea lion, which was sunbathing far away, until a little girl came to close.

On the way back I met the seven dogs again, but was fast enough. Then the wind pushed me a little up. I had in mind to take the little road near the coast. But it was not to be seen.

All the time, some craking noise came from the bicycle. First it was one of the bottle…but when the wind was gone and I had to pull on the bar, another noise appeared. After a while, I needed a brake and took the time to check where that new sound could come from. My heart nearily stand still when I saw some cracks of the carbon stem (Vorbau). Didn’t it stand to weight in my stirrer bag? I put the bag on the trailer, just to be reduce the stress on it. But the road was still going up. Pain in the muscles and the bottom, as it was not possible anymore to stand and pedaling.

Arriving in Taltal I looked in my “precious” book from the gas station Copec, where there are information (map, what to do and where to sleep/eat) of more important towns. While looking on the map, Anita asked me if I need an habitation as there was one next to her. She is a very kind person and for me a typical “mama”.

The habitation just opened, I was the first guest. As I needed to check for a new stem, the habitation was nice and I needed some rest, I decided to stay one night more.

As it is not yet in the Copec Bible:

Street: Atacama 231,

Phone: 055-612850 or 09-82680699 or 09-89655286

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