Thursday, 07.01.2010 (II/II): yellow, brown, red, green…

7 Jan
The second part of the day is mainly marked by the views in the main valley of the parc: at every corner you could take a picture, some nice colours, grat contrast and all with wind from the coast that gently pushes you 400m up (for 35km). Again the guards said: no, no, it is flat…. Well thanks to the wind, it nearly was.

So after those beautiful and amazing views I came back on the Route 5 and took a little rest, before going up further, but steeper: again 400m, but in 8km and with wind from the front. 20km later I left the 5 to go in direction of Taltal and find a place to rest…with again 300m to climb.
One of the best day in Chile up to now! If only Fränzi would be here as well…

Cheers, Georges


86km and 950 pos meter (again over 5400kcal)

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