Thursday, 07.01.2010 (I/II): sugar bread vs Paris Hilton Club

7 Jan
After a great breakfast prepared by Hector with Eggs, whole bread, milk coffea, tomatoes and avogado (and a long discussion) I gave him a big hug and said good bye. A very nice person who cares about the human! We both had nearly drops in the eyes.

The direction was the national Parc “pan de azucar” (sugar bread) which have several beaches and some camping grounds. Jusg agter ChaƱaral, I met a couple of Dutch cyclist who were celebrating their 50th anniversary by traveeling through sout america by bike and bus. The first part of the parc was not bad.. In the past, it was one of the first mines of the region, when earlier Spanish people came over here.

Arrived at the bay I looked for lunch and took the wrong one: good looking and very expensive, but with 20-30 female teenies…all acting like Paris Hilton. Even I was surprised to see nice women at once instead of in a 1% range, their acting were to superficial.

So I headed north east with much nicer surprise…. See next part!

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