Wednesday, 06.01.2010: sight seeing

6 Jan

When I woke up today, I was happy to have not planned bicycle day. My muscles were burning as well as my bottom. So after breakfast and a nice talk with Hector, the intendend of the Residential Sulivan, I went in “town” and look for call and internet possibillities as I needed to call diefferent companies (e.g. Swisscom) after the “loss” of my portemonnaie. This solved, the next step was to find a connection allowing me to send emails (like that one) and have a connection to skype with best. And that take time…
Then I went for looking at the pharo and the monument of a virgin…frankly, the best of it you get is the sight over the valley, the ocean and the town.

After all, I went out for dinner (fish!) with Hector who showed me afterwards the way Chileans are fishing, without having luck as we did not get a single fish.

That’s it for the day… Cheers, Georges

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