Tuesday, 05.01.2010: grey sky & milestone

6 Jan
Don’t ask me why, but today I first wake up quite late and it tooks me half an eternity to boil water for the coffea, eat breakfast, prepar myself and pack everything back onto the trailer. Oh, by the way: just the difference between the old and new trailer: I’ve now more packed on it (water!) and can easily pedal up to a speed of 38km/h while I had to stop at 22km/h with the old one (called ExtraWheel). On top of it, I reached the maximum speed of 62km/h without much troubles (just keeping an eye on sidewinds or trucks), while at 49km/h, the ExtraWheel failed.

The landscape was quite diverse today: from sandy to rocky, from flower to bush. At the beach, I saw my first sea lion playing in the waves. Seems much more funny than lying in a zoo! The road was mainly “flat”… Flat for car or truck driver…Well, in the real world it means: up and down of 20-100m, so that like yesterday you get about 500m pos meter. And believe me, with a total weight of above 60kg (plus myself) you feel every meter going up. That gives a gooood training! After 65km I arrived at Chañaral, where I will have a daz off tomorrow.

Today I had one more milestone: the counter passed the 1000km…or 1 million meter in Chile (including the bike trips in the town)! ;-)) Regarding the number I’ve on the board computer at least 67.5 hours on the saddle, which gives a medium velocity of 15.6 km/h and needed 54400kcal (or about 100 chocolate) in 15 days (70km per day).

Ok, enough boring numbers for today…. After my 2nd Icecream: good night! 🙂

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