Monday, 04.01.2010: special…

5 Jan
That night was a little bit special, as from what i understood, the mine worker came back from the xmas vacation and met or slept in the same Hostal as I did. That means noise in the night and especially in the morning with the result that after 45 min of trying to sleep I stood up at 7h30.

I thought why not get out earlier as the other day and with luck having less wind?

When I finally had packed everything it was just past nine, about the time when LAN (sister of American Airlines for south america) opened. So I thought to get some information about exchanging the return flight to allow one week staying in NY with Franziska (my dearest and finest half). smile

As only banks open and close sharp in south america, I had to wait in front of the office, where I met Flavio, a music teacher in piano and diverse “wind instrument”. He wanted to fly to his place of birth in Brazil, which he hadn’t seen since very long. Well, the result of the first meet was that prolonged the discussion at a coffea for two hours, where we also met Jörg from Germany: he had travelled from Santiago to Copiapó by bicycle as well and had make then a break of one week. Quite funny: one has followed the other. In fact,I think that he bypassed me, when I was staying in La Serena and trying to solve my carrier problem. Well, Jörgs plan is to go to the east to Argentina and take a little pass called Paso de San Fransisco. Only 4748m… :-O

Honestly, I am glad that my plans are in the north, as I am not ready (physically and mentally) to take that pass. And Jörg is then going back to the south via Mendoza to Santiago. As he is much than I am, I would have slown him down

Finally we had to go…it was time for me to leave Copiapó, which was not comparable to Sunday as a lot of people where busy.

The first 10-20km where interesting as the ground of the valley was green due to vegetation of different vegetables and the surrounding hills were sandy / dry blocks. But the river is not to be seen as most of the water is used for the mines in the east. That was from Santiago I saw only 3 rivers filled with water.

The more I drived out of the valley, the less vegetation was to be seen until the road climbed a little hill and left it. So i was back in desert like conditions. Only like as the temperatur was not above 28°C, as the cold wind came from the coast.

In La Caldera I looked for a place to stay, but that town is really not nice. So I bought some water, cheese (for diner) and an icecream. After the short break I headed again to the north, as now (finally) the wind was more in my favor.

I tried my luck at a harbour and asked if there was a shower around. Negative, I had to continue. But it was luck: if I hadn’t left the road to ask the guards I would have met a very fast dog neareby the road… By the way: the harbour is used for copper and iron crude material that is transported by an endless “carpet”directly from the mine to the ship, which arrives approximatively twice a month.

Finally, after 110km I found a place to put the tent, near the “cliff” with the nice sound of the ocean waves…

Good night!

PS: Flavio, if you read that. I think we have a “pat” (1:1) situation as the wind came only at the end from the back and mostly from the front. But the dog didn’t bite me! :-))

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