Friday, 19.03.2010: warm bath..

19 Mar

As I woke up a little bit earlier than the other, I started to clean yesterday’s dishes. And as I finished, we could start with breakfast. Yan made again a reaaaaal coffea, which definitively better taste than Nescafé (which is better than nothing, of course). Already before breakfast, the girls were “in their mood”, which continued after eating. Yan and Annabelle decided to pack for leaving and we agreed to try to meet again in Arica. Who knows, will I join them to Lima? We will see… It was anyway nice to meet them and I’m really thanksfull that they were here in that moment when I was a bit deprimed since the digicam experience..
Soon after they left, the weather changed and snow clouds appeared on the mountains, followed by thunder. As I wanted my bath I went all the river down, not finding what I was looking for: warm and deep water with not much mud. Finally I found some and relaxed for at least two hours, before Zetha from Luxemburg and her guide from Andine Tours (in Putre) arrived. She joined me and we had a nice chat, while he – a bit more prude and without swimming suite – was 20m downstream. I was all the time waiting for a strong rain to dress my cycing shirt and get showered with fresh water. Rocket Geronimo had forgotten one quite important point: the water is more or less satured with H2S, which smells like rodden eggs. And I didn’t want to smell like fart until my next shower.
Finally, some stronger rain felt I could walk the 200m back to the tent, where I changed myself. It was “clever” to have worn underpants in the water to avoid to much mud and sand…
In the meantime the guide had prepared lunch for Zetha and I had done what I wanted to do since longer: clear the sruff I didn’t needed anymore to bring it at the bin beside the eating table. Zetha, her guide and me continued to discuss and they kindly offered me some water and food. Zetha was been some kind unlucky with the eartquake as it had mixed up all her plans. But she was happy to see the beautifull north of Chile… (by the way: she as well was disappointed by El Tatio).
After they left I walked a bit around as the weather had changed again (nicely) and saw a truck coming. The driver and his wife with kid were going to a party and wanted to take a bath before. I let the some prrivacyand wnt back to the tent.
When they were finished, I went down again as I wanted to see if it was really H2S by lightening it… The driver asked if I had everything and offered me a very tasty melon, which I ate with the rest of milk rice Annabelle and Yan had let for me. I was glad to avoid cooking with the stove which is not tighten!
In the evening, the sky went again beautifull, I just hope it won’t rain in the night, so I don’t need to wait to long until the tent is dry tomorrow.

Gud n8!

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