Saturday, 20.03.2010: around the salar de Surire & nice evening

20 Mar
Yesterday nights few rain drops have changed my plan… As I wanted to leave early to get quite far today, I needed to have a dry tent, as I didn’t wanted to pack it while still wet. So I left late in the morning amnd arrived just after midday at the carabiñeros of the salar of Surire, just after another French fourwheel drive car. I was a little bit disturbed about arriving as second there..would I be able to get some food and water? As my gas stove is still nearly out of order, I am quite dependant from others.
The two French – Odille & Claude from Lyon – were asking for diesel, as they didn’t know where they could have some as next. One of the Carabiñeros went with them to the nearby borax mine, that is earning it from the salar…yes all in a national park.
While they had left I got a glas of fresh water and we started the discussion where I am from etc. Very soon, I was invited as Odille and Claude foor the Lunch, which was followed by a very fine Italian coffea spent by Claude. Jorge and Roberto told me quite fast, I would “have to stay” for the night, which firstly was not in my plans. And as I looked out of the windows I had to admit, they were right: I had no interest to leave into the rain and wind that was in direction of the north. So we all enjoyed the afternoon by talking. Later, Odille, Claude and I checked what possibilities they had for the next days.
Then the cheminée was lighten and it was soon time to have supper. Than, Yvan and we three started to play cards: the Chilean version of the Italian Scopa, where once need to have fifteen to take cards from the middle. Dino, that would be worse trying it! 😉
And so the night went on, until we ate some Nandu, which is really rico! I would may be have preffered the red meat on the grill than cooked with water, but it was really nice.
Finally, it is past two and we are going to sleep..the French couple
with two Carabiñeros and I with two others in the same room.

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