Friday-Monday, 15-18.01.2010: Cure, sightseeing, administrative tasks

18 Jan
The last days were used for several things while staying in Antofagasta:

First get back a normal digestion, while I know think it had more to do about that I wanted to avoid sugar…and was eating/drinking more sweetener. Chile do not know juices without anykind of sweet. And sweetener has the side effet of a laxatif…so your digestion gets troubles.
The bicycle needed once again a litle check…my body some rest and I walked a little bit around, just enjoying.
My hair needed a cut, so I went to the peluqueria (5 CHF)…
Did you know that the Vaticano was selling clothes??? smile

Mister PiƱera (right) won is election yesterday…interesting: 8 out of 10 cars celebrating his election were expensive… The richs did win it, the poor wanted a change. I was expecting more people.

And today qwas movie day: Avatar in English with spanisch subtitle….
That’s it for the days…

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