Tuesday, 19.01.2010: Positive changes

19 Jan
Yesterday I went quite upset to bed, after a phonr call with American Airlines…. But today was a day as I like them. I had breakfast, could skype with my mom and with dearest Franziska ( I LOVE and MISS YOU so MUCH!) prepared everything back on the bicycle and trailer, paid the room for the last day with the agreed special rate and have finally booked Franziskas flight to NY where we will meet on my flight back. I started finally very late (12h30) as the hotel manager came back from short vacation in the north and had much to say. Her tip is: La Huyaca in the west of Iquique, between La Tirana and Matilla (therms). It is an oasis middle in the desert. Have a look with google, just by tipping “La Huyaca Iquique”.

So I left the hotel with a strange feeling in the legs, as if I had not biked for weeks. The wind pushed me among the coast for a few kilometers until I had to take right in direction of the 5. What would it have been to continue flat, with back wind for thousanbd of km… ;-))

But I new what was waiting on me: I had to go back on the plateau of 450m heigth, on which the 5 is passing near Antofagasta. Slightly pushed by the coast wind I went up about 3-5%. Not a nice part…the wind is blowing all the stuff around that people put away…

What I really enjoyed today was that the slop on the plateau towards Baquadeno is so gentle, that don’t really feel it, especially with the help of the wind. Then I crossed the Line of Tropics of the Capricorn – the second time after the Australia, but this time not by car but by bicycle!

Later, the wind shows ist other face: creating little tornados and little sand storms…close your eyes and wait! Or even better: anticipate!

The railway is “good” used in that region: I crossed four trains with copper metal bars and sulfuric acid wagon. They are the connection between the treatment plants (not vegetation but industry) / mines and the backcountry of Antofagasta.

So at the end of the day I reached Baquadeno, ate diner and continued for some km to find a hidden place where to put the tent. As dessert: some chocolate and beautiful colored sky, due to the sun goinf in the sandy air down….


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