Monday, 08.02.2010: loong ride and xmas

8 Feb

Today was the longest ride up to now: 147km…even with a lot of downhill.

It started when I stopped by the mine and learnt the were searching for Ferrum…(Fe, Eisen) or its oxid. They were drilling down to check the underground as it is planned to have deep mines there. Then I asked if there were some kind of shop to buy some stuff to eat or drink. You never know…
The only that had something was the cantine, but not to sell. So I went there, explained my route and was promptly invited to breakfast. To make them happy and some of you blaming me, I told them that Switzerland won’t bne a problem for them at the Soccer world Championship: when Swiss footballers play outside and/or in competition they loose very often as they want to go home (in their nice country smile). That makes every Chilean happy… And is not far from truth (check the last cups: Switzerland did not pass the first round).
After the breakfast I left with 5 Liter more water in direction of the Laguna Tuyajto… So beautiful!
The followe with the salar de Talar and its natural white and black mountains. I was in heaven or nearly…just by thinking at my Franziska a few tears came. I was happy and sad at once, but the view was more than beautifull. When I had a stop, a car of a tour expeditor with a guy shouting at me if I wanted a beer.. You may know that that’s by far not my taste. When he proposed me a coke I was again in heaven. And then he proposed me two stick of fruits, wtih strawberry… It never tasted so nice!!! smile
I had the plan to pass by the Miscanti Laguna from behind, but the road was closed due to allow nature recover. One of the few argument for me to respect. I would not see today the Laguna.
Further on. My energy reserves started to get quite low. If I would not had to stop and cook something, I would place the tent. But it was to early for me. Then I joigned the place where the cars are coming back from the Lagunes. And promptly, the second car stopped and asked how I was. Well, enough water which doesn’t bring energy. You will see a village in a few 20km and he left. 10m later he stopped and hold out his lunch packet: two juices, a choco bar and coookies. I wad back in heaven and had a lot of energy. So much energy that I did not need to stop at the village (Socaire). On top of that, another car stopped and asked if I needd a ride (showing on his empty car rear)…no way, I can do it and now it will go down!
The following part was more or less 30km down. First on hard earth road until Socaire, then on a nice asphalt road with a maximum speed of 60km/h!
I had to learn: when there is some sand on the road, don’t brake but accelarate: it makes your bike more stable.
So after Socaire I had still to much energy and wanred more. As it was getting dark I had to put the lights. Well, the one who knows the Lupine: the light can be so strong that you might have signs from other cars. It was so…
Yes I know.. I should not have ride in the dark, but nothing happened. Just once, a car stopped in front of me turned arround passed by. I saw them turning 180 again in the mirror and then, when they where at my side, they asked if I needed a ride. Everything is fine!
Just before Toconao, I decide to sleep without the tent beside the road behind a small hill. It was so nice to look at the stars.. I saw at least 10 of those "falling stars" (etoile fillante/ sternschnuppenm)
Now I have eaten some pasta… I can go to sleep!

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