Sunday, 07.02.2010: Pushing up and nice Carabineros

7 Feb

When I woke up today, the car of the French was still there. So I had breakfast and put everything back on the bicycle. At 10h15 I went in direction of the car as it was anyway on my road. The car was empty, they had left it. I was just hoping they would have enough water and warm clothes.
I continued the road, which was going slightly up adn down, once with sand, once with stones.
Arriving at the bifurcation to El Laco, I had the choice: to the right going in the back steep up hill, straight towards Argentinia, Mine fields and some more 30km. I decided to take the direct way especially because the French would have taken the same.
So it went first down to a kind of salar and then up again. When the map showed 4600m, I decided to have a longer break. And few minutes later a car as coming: the Carabineros and the French guy. One Carabineros got out of the car, we started to discuss. Soon I understood that he wanted to save me (wait here, we pick you then up) STOP! I was not to be saved, I just wanted to take a brake and continue by myself!
So the road continued to climb (the map say some thing between 4700 and 4800m over sea)…I was coming near to the Mont-Blanc but only near.
Arrived on the pass, I made again a brake, put then the helmed and was ready for drivng down on a bumpy road with more than 50kg behind me.
I had to stop again as the cars were coming back but it was quite funny (and scary).
At the end I arrived at the station of the Carabineros. The barrier was down with enough place for the bicycle and me to pass below. I had some garbage I wanted to throw away and was woundering if I had to show may papers. As well hoping for some water. You never know.
Then the French came out…
– they started to walk at 6am
– he had only knee shorts and a t-shirt
– had only one bottle and some biscuits
– the car srtuck more then once when regressing
– all of that was free of charge
– they have got some soup.

Well, the friendly carabineros offered me as well some soup and water…
I had to show my pass, but everything was ok. I guess it is so boring over there that they are happy about every change.
As I wanted to cycle the hill before sunset, I had to leave. The paa at 4500m was quite strong and steep with pushing parts, even the road was nicely hard. I found a place (unfortunately to near to the road but hidden) from which I can see the mine I will passby tommorow
I cook again in the tent and I’m ready for the night.

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