Saturday 13.02.2010: Even disappointed, something nice

13 Feb

Geysir of El Tatio? Well when we heard that, we thought of "bpschhhh" for 4-6 meters…. We know for sure that there is a gap between think and is!
The geysirs are all less than one meter and more bublling water pot. Put a big pan on your stove on full power and you see nearly the same… Ok, there are a lot of such "fumaroles"…
So after a while, we turned back to the tent, had breakfast and were looking at the bathing tourist where we were alone the night before.
Finally, the show was over and all 300-400 tourist (incl. us) were slowly goin g back. Because one guy had crashed his car down the road and needed to get to his family at hospital, we had one passenger more. After 40km, I depositecd 5 liters of water for my trip to the north. Hopefully it is till there.
In San Pedro, we checked our emails an headed then to the old route 23. I was hoping to eat Llama again…they did not have some!!
Dissapointed, we xontinued the trip to the Laguna Lejia, where a totally different show was prepared for us: thunder, thunderbolt and rain 10km at the horizont were beautiful.
Then we drove in direction of Socaire…the car of the French would NEVER have passed that road!
We continued than towards the Salar Talar and Laguna Tuyajto, where RocketGeronimo muted to GĂ©rard le Photographe…;-)
As the wind was quite strong, we cooked with my gas stove in the car,which was not a big issue and slept in the tent.


PS: yes. It is a copy of superman working as tour guide.

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