Sunday, 14.02.2010: Laguna Miscanti and byebye…

14 Feb

Todays highlight was the Laguna Miscanti on the way back. Just amazingly nice. On the way back we had a look at the special chruch of Socaire.
After we had to drive back to SPdA where we ate something and Gérard had to leave in direction of Iquique.
On my side I used the rest of the mainly for Laundry… Sooo funny!

Thats it!

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  1. thanks for joining those few days, it was good having somebody to talk with about more or less serious stuff—and not only sticking with small-talk. honestly, i had to get used to be on my own again…

    have fun on your ongoing trip and take care (about criminality in bolivia (it´s not that bad, have survived 3 days in big cities until now (oruro and cochabamba))

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