Saturday, 20.02.2010: guess what, reloaded

20 Feb
I knew I would wake up early as all tourist were going to see the fumaroles of El Tatio. So I was woken up at 5h30, which wasn’t a big issue.
The plan for today was easy: enjoy, rest and don’t do much.
At ten, the tourist came back, some had breakfast other where just enjoying what I would enjoy old the day: birds, Guanacos, the green middle in the desert. Some of them shouted if they are allowed to take a picture, other just took one. Only one Dutch came the 20m along for a small but nice talk. The last tourist left so at 12h and I had my time. Some washing…and why not looking up that coline. Oh nice view, nice pictures, nice foto camera falling down instead of in my pocket. No problem, it is shock and water proof. Well, now it is only the laddest. I can’t take any high resolution picture anymore.
I’m done… I will eat, wait for asleep and good night.

Oh, if someone can send me a portion of luck, I’ll take big one please! Because now the cheap (15USD) gas stove has a leak…smell fine like gas (chemists: H2S)…

PS: for the Italian speaker reading the blog: Putana here is coming from an old Inca word. There are no nice women around…

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