The trip in numbers

21 Apr

Hi all,

for the one of you who are addicted (or interested) in numbers, here an overview of my trip:

Distance: 3,329.51 km

Time: 259:46:54 h:m:s   (including waiting at traffic lights, etc)

Calories: 181,749 kCal (or minus 7 kg on the balance, even eating much)

Elevation Gain: 42,801 m (only 42 km… nearly a Marathon)

Avg HR: 131 bpm

Max HR: 253 bpm (due to the Shirt virbrating. Correct would be about 190 bpm)

Avg Distance: 47.56 km (Counting as well short tracks of about 1-5km)

Max Distance: 146.54 km (the 2nd longest trip was as well above 140km. There was on both big elevation loss)

Avg Speed: 12.8 km/h ( not much… takes in account as well the walking/pushing on sand and slowing down time for any stop)

Max Speed: 73 km/h

Avg Elevation Gain: 611 m

Max Elevation Gain: 1,729 m

Avg Time: 03:42:40 h:m:s

Max Time: 09:39:32 h:m:s (when I did the longest trip)

Max. Altitude with the bike: 6176m over sea level

Max. Altitude with bike and trailer: 5100m (at the foot of the Aucanquilcha)

Highest Pass: 5090m (with bike and trailer)

Max. Weight of bicycle/trailer: 85kg (20 liters of water)

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