Many Thanks to all of you!

21 Apr
Now getting to the end my time in south america I would like to thanks a lot people, mainly those who stayed in touch during my travel, especially:
Fränzi, my better half! And the kids for supporting her…
Maman for her great help!
And as well (not ordered):
Annabelle, Yan & the girls
Birgit und Manfred
Pamelas Tour for Uyuni Trip
Joaco & Pao
Jaime y Eduardo
Tobias and Bo
Los Cabiñeros de Chile, especially the one from Ascotan, Ujima, Salar de Surire

Hope not to have forgotten someone!

And following companies/stores for their support and or good products:
. Primus (stove and pans, great support)
. Mountain equipment (sleeping bag: Xero 550)
. Vaude (for the 1.5 people Taurus Ultralight tent)
. (main battery as well as 2nd digicam battery)
. Migros: providing much of the equipment they did not have in the official program (e.g.Vaude…)
. Bob for their Ibex Trailer
. extraWheel for their perfect support!
. Garmin (world and swiss): perfect support, great GPS!
. Stan’s for their “no puncture liquid” , it really WORKS! :-))
. Google for:
1) Google Earth, precious help when planning. Looking forward for a mobile version without internet
2) or blogspot: just send an email with text and pictures to a previous defined email address and it is posted
3) allowing statistic and advertising of the blog (one glas of wine!)
. Copec (fuel station from Chile: for their good map!)
. Odlo: your 30+ sun protection and silver containing clothes convinced me at 200%! Never without them!
. Spirig: Daylong is just great!
. Falke: socks that smell fresh after four day, just by airing them! Great!
. Velolade Leuthold: thanks for the tips and express reparing of the fork!
. Crank Pedals
. Northwave shoes
. Uvex Helmet
. Fielmann Sunglasses with Polaroid Lenses

My new “Temporay” Peruvian Bicycle:  😉

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