Wednesday-Friday, 24-26.03.2010: Unexpected End in Arica…

26 Mar

As I did not slept well during the night, Wednesday was an easy going and lazy day: after buying some food around, I stayed at the hostal and enjoyed doing nothing.
Thursday was first dedicated to some cleaning (bike, tent etc) and then to meet the French Family in town. They were still in Arica to organize their life post-travelling with new jobs and needed internet. We decided to stay in the aftrenoon together…which was extended to the evening barbecue :-). In the evening, I drew the 10-15km from their camping along the beaches to the hostal and was glad to be finally in my bed..
Friday was the day to check the bike again while doing a little trip to Aricas sight seeing point where you get an nice view on the city and its valley as well as the Pacific. I went then a museum where they had found old mumies in a very well condition, thanks to the dry and sandy weather of the coast. As I needed some more stuff to eat and for the next days of the trip, I decided to go in town on the way back and locked the bike in front of a market at a metal post. Afer one hour, I had the food I needed, but not the stove and other stuff and went back to bicycle…
Yes, that what just had happened was the end of my bike trip after over 3361km of cycling over high passes (5090m) high mountains (6176m) and ca 186’500 kcal: I went to the Carabiñeros and spent hours explaining how my baby "disappeared" until I could go back. But on one hand I was lucky: Beside that I was alife, the French Family and I had fixed a meeting for the next day…and they proposed to take me a while with them…I will keep many nice impresssion and (try to) forget the negative feelings, even if it made me really mad in the moment!!


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