Thursday, 18.02.2010: no luck…

18 Feb
The day started with a good breakfast to finish my eating rest: choricos (spicy saussages) in the pan, then cutted in slices and covered by goat cheese. Beside that, tomatoes and avogados (or paltas as I’m now telling tbem: Chile!). Just to thinka abour…hmmm…
Then, as I did and do not know when I will able to skype again, I enjoyed a long anice discussion with my better half. I look forward fot the next conversation and especially to meet her in NY as everything is now booked.
Well, the next part is the most important before to start: packing! Is there something I do not need anymore? Which stuff can I throw away? Is everything on ist best/logical place (you don’t want to open everything when you need something you don’r remeber where it is)?
So finally at 13h, I checked my last mails and if everthing was fine with my account and could leave. Well, not exactly: I wanted to get some extra money, but the cash service was out of order (as at least three days).
I knew the road in direction of the bath of Puritama and El Tatio as I had done them several times with RocketGeronimo. But first I was not driving and second I didn’t exactly want to know what I was expecting. Right so! When you get to the part with 12-15% steepness and feel all the weight of the food for several days (7kg) and water (18l), than you ask yourself if either you are on the correct road (isn’t there a better alternative?), what I am doing here or should I stop someone and ask him for a ride? My main problem came first from water and my head I was dreaming for a sweet lemonade (like the dark brown one with a lot of sugar, written in white on red background). The second problem came from the back tire: one part had changes a little bit its form: like a saussage coming out of the tire. Well, the first problem was nearly solved when I got a juice from the supervisor (not all supervisor are bad people ;-)) of a group of road worker. I didn’t thought much about the tire, as my first tire change was not needed: at that time, it was only a bubble of air, so i continued. My goal was 500m below the terms of Puritama, where Gérard and me were bathing the first time: left a little bit below and follow the valley. After a little stone house, descend to the free therms. I had planned to sleep around / behind the house, as Birgit and Manfred did recommend as nearly nobody is there. I could have let the bike behind the house and even camp down in the valley.
Well, this in theory: last week and in the evening, everything did looks ok. Today, I found just another picture: there were people who couldd see my bike, but especially garbage all around and every spot where I could have set the ten was covered by excrement – animal and/or human.
So I decided to move, as I was not ready to sleep in a toilet or to have people steel my stuff. After 100m I felt like little rain drop were touching my legs – only my legs. And after a while I understood: there was a whole in the rear saussage area and Stan’s liquid was coming out. What luck, the air came only very gentle out and so I had time to find a place to stay! Just after the therms of Puritana (closed at that time; 20 USD entrance fee) was an old road uphill. I thought I would better sleep far away then just beside the road. Arrived over there I had first to set up the tent and could then check the tire: I emptied the air, cleaned the place and put the glue bought in Calama some days before with Gérard. Lucky isn’t?
So then I cook some rice with champignon sauce, and now I’m ready to sleep.

PS: about the 2nd picture: Gérard and me drove three time through water, I was hoping using my filter and some refreshment. No water, no refreshment.

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