Tuesday, 02.02.2010: way back…

2 Feb
Today morning we stood up quite early to be at the border before the new tour tourists arrive. So we left at 5h15 after the driver had to find some stuff for his car.
The ride was quite bumpy and we had no time to halt at nice views. It was said, the return was only driving, without sightseeing. But I am glad we could sleep in between to avoid to much stress (there is as well one variation where people regress without sleeping between Uyuni and the border). So we drove with the sun going up over the mountains and saw the laguna colorada again..
When arrived, we had to check out at the Bolivian control (the Chilean is just before San Pedro de Atacama). Thomas and Charlotte as German had the information, that they are only allowed to enter once in Bolivia per year. It seems that that restriction do not apply to Swiss people: you can enter up not 90 days, I have 86 left. Oh: US-guys..be ready to pay a bunch of dollars for entering..
After the breakfast the border, we returned towards Chile by bus, having time to fill out the papers and truefuly thinking if we had any fruit or vegetables we would bring with us. Be carefull with Chile: a non-declared banana can cost you about 240 US $…Birgit will remember it! ;-)) Cheers

The afternoon in San Pedro was used for shower et al… The first within four days. But the silver in my clothes had done a very good job!
In the evening, Charlotte, Paola, Thomas and me met again to say goodbye to the Germans and went with them to the bus… Then we went at the wine club, where a strange, freaky barkeeper let us test one wine… Expensive and not very friendly experience for me.

Gud n8

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