Wednesday, 03.02.2010: cycling around San Pedro & meeting

3 Feb
After getting back my sleep over night back, I headed to the ferreteria (where you buy all stuff to build anything. I was still looking for some nails for the tent (yes, Tobias: your idea is really good) and a gas stove I could not get in Bolivia to replace the broken fuel one.
Well, the stove was not a problem as it was available for 15 USD. The longest nails were to small for the tent…but I had an Idea: I asked for steel that is used for concrete/beton. I had to buy the three meter, but needed only 8x25cm. They cutted the parts each on one side with a 90° and a 45° angle. Quite easy…we will see how it works!
In the afternoon, I went with Paola in the near north of San Pedro from where the water is canalized and then distributed in the town: Pucara de Quitor. The valley is very nice; I guess it is one of the reason, why you can find there San Pedro 5 stars hotel (Alto San Pedro).
As Gérard planned to arrive between 16 and 17h, I had to regress in time to be there. He was not in the first Pullmann bus…so I could check around where he was. As I did not know where the halt was, I had to ask around. Every one said something else…as usual when they don’t know. So I was pedalling from place to place…with regressing from time to time to the hostal. Luckily, Gérard send me a SMS saying he ws still at the customs. He tought it was far from San Pedro…but it is less than 1km. So I went there and could see him. As we did not know where the bus did halt I followed them by bicycle. We finally arrived at the hostal. As we had to plan the enxt day (and tell what happened the last years) we went out for dinner into the restaurant Blanco, where Gérard spent me my first Pisco sour….the national drink – but not onyl the one from Chile.
The evening was really nice with much of laugh… And the young retired Swiss couple at the table beside were very kind saying we were young students…*smile*.
Even we had shared a bottle of wine, we found the way back to the hostal. We had our plan: Gérard come back by 4×4 car and we will try to “walk” onto the Vulcano Licancabur, which is between Bolivia and Chile and is San Pedro next mountain. In the meatime I would drive the old 23 to El Laco and come back by the new 23. Meeting day is next Wednesday in the afternoon.
We are ready to sleep!

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