Tuesday, 12.01.2010: ill…

12 Jan
Because I waited long for the shower yesterday evening and woke up at six in the morning, the night was very short. My plans in the begining were to have a day of rest. But the situation did not allow it, I had to quit the site. The chiefs of the guardians needed to leave before I could leave as well to avoid to be see by them. I didn’t want to create troubles to the guardians, as they had down more than they were allowed to. And as I had to hide, I could not enjoy the warming sun and was so freezing.

My first doubt was that the brakes would hold the 150 kg or more of weight down the steep hill: The day before, I had needed a rest cycling up and the front brake (or tire) was sliding back because of weight and steepness. Everything went downhill well, with some stops to allow the break to cool down. Down at the ramp I ate some cookies and drank a coke, spent from the guardians. While eating, an ambulance stopped and asked if everything was ok, if I needed water. During the conversation, I understood that the road would go twice down, twice up before the long descent to Antofagasta As I just filled the 5 bottles of 1.6 liter and got one liter of juice, everything was fine. At that time I started to feel a little bit pain in the articulation and the stomach, like a fluh (grippe). I though it might because I had not eaten a real breakfast before leaving.

When I started back on the bike, it really felt like fluh. But I decided to cycle at least to the second hill, so if it would not get better, I only had to cycle down. So after about 35km I started to look for a place to stay. I just placed the tent which was even more difficult because of the pain and the wind and rested until the sun was not burning anymore. But even with sun protection, it was very hot what made me swet, which is good against possible fluh.

Now three hours later, I am eating a little bit and go back to sleep.

Will see how it’s going tomorrow


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