Wednesday, 13.01.2010: Zombie…

13 Jan
The long night with relative much sleep was what I needed, feeling much better. My back was hurting from much laying so I needed to stand up (for biological reason as well). 😉

The two options were: staying one more day in the sun with 10% humidity as showed the hygrometer in the morning or leaving and trying to join “civilization” again. I had enough water to stay one day more. The question was more: was it enough for staying and cycling? How warm would it get during the day in the tent?

I decided to try my chance; I could still stop and built up the tent again.

From I remember the road from 2000m down was nice. I had nothing else in mind than arriving in La Negra or better in Antofagasta to get some days rest. Just the wind was from the front and quite strength taken: that time was even more disappointing as I had to pedal down to get at some speed.

The last 18km before the town La Negra are in a wide valley, which is ground is just sand (beside the Route 5). From far you see the town. The first thing you see is a large concrete (beton) fabric, followed by other fabrics.

All I keep in mind from there are:

– the welcome of a groupe of dogs who wanted some trained legs
– the lunch….pizza, chocolate, hot dog and coke
– the white dust hanging in the air and covering everything

I had no desire to stay longer and left for Antofagasta: 400m down during 15km, still against the wind on an narrow road with a lot of traffic.

Finally I arrived at the coast were the wind was blowing like I like…from the back! Just 2km of fun…:-)
I found a hostal near the pieton zone, booked the room, took a shower and went for something to eat…
Time to have a rest!

PS: no more picture from today on the phone…battery was drained.

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