Tuesday, 26.01.2010: down…

29 Jan

(sorry, my email box is not sending messages anymore, so I had to create a new account)

After the nice evening came a terrible night were I stay awake in a bed that was like a banana: soft, uncomfortable and noisy for each movement. So I finally slept more or less from 5 to 7am… You guess how my day was.
The next bad news came from TNT as they don’t delivered the expected letter from my mum and from the stove: I did not find a solution.
So I spend the day searching and asking and two hours in the net for a hotel in or near Manhattan/NewYork for Frannziska and me when we’ll meet there.
So the good news of the day:
– I had a wonderfull coffee at Adobe’s (ristretto with milk as I like them) (twice the price than in Calama)
– I had contact with some people from the Observatory, they will check what is possible.
– I had a nice Chilean Barbeque with Rafael, Felipe and Waldo…
– have a look at the roof of the church: it is made of mud! Just to let you guess how often it rains here…

Just a change to the blog: now you can let comments without having to register… 😉
And for your information: comments without signature (name or email) will be deleted!

Hope to have a better night!
Cheers, Georges

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  1. Hi Georges!

    It is great to be able to follow your trip while sitting at home on the couch. However I just returned home, spent some days in the mountains, skiing. Lots of sunshine, great snow and (almost) no other human beings.
    As I read you had some unexpected troubles with your equipment. However I assume all positive experiences you made compensate for the troubles? I hope you will be able to fix the problem with your stove soon.

    I am curious about the daily reports that will follow. Have a great time!

    P.S. Mmmh, I expected not to see any numbers in your reports 😉

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