22 Jun

Without camping site… The best way of doing it (and trying to be fair).

After today’s late wake up and longer rest for noon, the afternoon ‘s program was quite easy: catching up to reach the 100km.
I’ve as the other days lost as well some time with the following the cycling path. On one side because it is not as straight (some times you need to climb steeper and higher) as the main road and on the other because some time you miss the sign or you don’t know which is the better way.

But anyway… When I am out of the town, I’ll try to stay more on the roads….

So I passed Frankfurt today, where I saw the skyline: no picture, as you would have need a tele objective…

Now I’m at about 400m over sea level with a nice view over the hills and blinking wind turbines…

After yesterday short rain (5min) it’s now starting here as well but very gently.

Good night, looking forward to the next day!

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