Kind of much luck

23 Jun

The night was short but good. Responsible free camping is just great. You hear mainly the nature and quietness… But you don’t have showers.
In fact, while I was already in the sleeping bag and ready to sleep, rain and wind started. I was only worrying because of two points: a wet tent in the morning isn’t the best to pack, and to allow a truck (if one would come) to pass, I did not used the abscissa and therefor, two poles were missing.
The wind was not heavy. So everything was ok, the Vaude Space 3P L passed the test.

As I had no coffee, the first goal was set. 10km later, I could get some caffein. As I was on a more or less plateau of 400-450m altitude, there was a descent… And on top of it tail wind. But my muscles had no power, the last days (and night) were showing their effect.
I needed energy. The short term was covered by one of Markus’ Energy slurps and the long term by (once again) a kebab.
By the way: some times you get the feeling that the kebab has got Germany’s national dishes!
The journey continued, I joined the river “Fulda” where you could see some very very small damages by the weather (little branches, 20-50cm higher water level of the days before). The whole day was quite cloudy, as well with some very dark one. But it never rained that much, that I would get soaked.
Finally, I managed to arrive at Bebra, where I need to decide: longer via Kassel or higher, directly to Göttingen.
We will see…
But the landscape was very nice up to now, with some similarity to the Swiss middle land.
Looking forward for a bed – laundry already has been done 🙂


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