Good day….

8 Jul

Today was generally good again.
Starting by meeting for example Helmut from Köln preparing his vacation by cycling to Koblenz and back (w/o bags) and others (Denmark, Germany…)
As well because the landscape was one of the nicest: seeing the Rhine within that kind of canyon within the wine hills is very specials. Lots of church and castles show how important that region was in ancient times.

On the other hand: there was a group Germans (3men, 1woman) with light bags who were racing and making bad jokes about others. E.g. like guys who are travelling with a trailer and a MTB…. :o)
The bad thing on those kind of people: they should better shut up. Cycling at 25km/h with tail wind is kind of easy, even Rhine upwards. And with light luggage even easier (of course: wind shadow is even better for the parts with head wind, when the river turns) … Well… They by-passed me while I was taking a picture and eating a banana… When I finished, they were not that far and were slowed done because of bad timing.
I by-passed them and since then they were always chasing me, even when I choose to take the higher road (about 30m above the Rhine road) which was easier for me with the trailer.
When the two roads joined again, they were behind me… Because they were not fast enough, one said something about e-bike (which you see a lot here ). One of the few back draw of the P1.18 Pinion: some people think it is an e-bike…

The 2nd negative point (may be somewhat induced from the first) was my decks to by-pass Mainz by short-cutting through the hills. Well, I thought it was only some few, but there are some more and some steep ones!
On the other hand: very nice country side, beautiful sunset and now sleeping in the tent….

Good night!


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