Strange start…

9 Jul

Yesterday’s 140km and “wrong” decision to by-pass Mainz had have an impact on my condition: I was (am) quite tired. The birds and other small animals/insects sung all night. So did the wind and the 300m away turbines, which did not disturb at all.
But at 5h20 (!!) the farmer went to his field with tractor and I was happy to have set the tent at the right place so he could drive through. But from then on its motor was always to be heard.
So at round 9am (sorry) I decided to pack my stuff and searched first a place for breakfast, which I found after about round 10km and a new record: 66km/h downhill (road). The trailer still follows perfectly the bike.

Then the question was how to leave those bloody hills (ups and downs of 8-12%). I headed east-south-east and arrived at Worms.
Now the direction is clear: Speyer, Karlsruhe, Basel and hopefully Bern!

Last question: east or west side of the Rhine? We will see…

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Location:Hauptstraße,Ludwigshafen am Rhein,Germany

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