Finally, less luck again…

9 Jul

Well, that afternoon was the first not so perfect one. Even there was some fun by having some “race” with a small 50cc motorbike and two road cycles to keep the wind shadow at over 30km/h.
But I before, a flies of about 1-2mm get stuck into my right eye. So I spend half an hour in front of a pharmacy with some eye rinse solution.
Then, that evening I found a hotel, which needed to be called by phone. So I asked if they had a room and if it would be possible to have a save place for my two babies: MTB and trailer.
It should be not a problem, someone would come. After 15min still no one was there. So I rang again to hear that his father was on the way. Another ten minutes later an old man arrived. Friendly, but a bit clumsy. When he saw my vehicle, he wasn’t sure… Went up to get a key… After another ten minutes, I asked if didn’t had another place to put the bike. I had a bad feeling, because of the close and loud street. As we could not have a save place, I continued.
Five kilometres to get a “foreign room”…which is not clean at all. And there is no breakfast…
However, my clothes are washed and I’m ready for sleeping.

Good night.
Georges, still happy

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