Broken display, France and back in Rust

10 Jul

The “foreigns” room had no breakfast, so I ate my last cookies and went to the next bakery of a “real” breakfast.
Then, continue to the south and passed quite fast Wörth and was then on a high traffic road. I was happy when I could leave it. On the other hand: 28km/h was a quite higher speed.
The journey continued then along the Rhine canal on French territory. Very easy, when you finally are on it. And as there was quite some parts on the woods, the temperature was much better.
Here a tip: when cycling right beside the Chanel, you are prone to more wind and sun…& the road is not as flat.
Oh, and it is good to have a phone protection: the iPhone survived two massive fall downs… But not the las one: the display is splitted… Luckily, I have a screen protection as well, so the glas is not falling apart.

Later one, I met a group of German pensioner who were cycling each Wednesday. We had a chat while cycling which was well for my legs.

After some bridges, the German groupe had to go back to the east side of the Rhine while I was heading to Strasbourg.

As usual crossing a larger city is not as easy, even with maps. So I lost some time finding the right way out. The time saved by not following all the cycling piste 20km before Strasbourg was lost in and after the city. Finally I was back on the canal Rhone-Rhin which is very easy and beautiful to cycling.

And then, the way went back to Germany, Rust and the place I slept the second night if my journey, after 136km…

Good night


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