meeting one Angel more…Thank you (-::-)

21 Jun

Chance is turning

After the issues with the cable (my mistakes!!) luck is back!

First I could enjoy two cool days at Thierry and Michaela’s Place… They were really friendly and helped me a lot on solving my issues.

Now the gears are just shifting as easy as in the beginning. *happy*

Then, the on day of non-cycling yesterday was as well nice for legs and bottom, both now in better condition then before. 🙂

And then, there was Annemarie: a young pensioner in front of a backer where I wanted some sweets :-). We started the discussion about the weather, the cool sun cream i’m using (daylong, Spirig) and then she said: if you wouldn’t already be eaten, I’ld invite you for lunch. And then she took her wallet and gave me 10€. All without knowing of my fundraising project for the Red Cross.

Those days are better then any… For the one knowing the advertisement: even with VISA you couldn’t pay them!!!



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