Nearly to Heilbronn

20 Jun

The start around Baden-Baden was quite early… After a warm night I wanted to enjoy the freshness of the morning. Hence, the first 20km up to 9:30 in the morning where ok…at 10am, the temperature showed already 30 Degrees Celsius.

I took a break in Weingarten (a city) in the shadow of a senior residence. When I arrived, everything was quite… Until one car arrived, then the other and so on. On the end, I had to leave because the shadow started to be gone.

So I continued to head in direction of Heilbronn, where in the region my cousin Thierry and Family is living.

The sun was hot, and the air conditioning was working pretty well: using every fountain or even drinking water to cool myself down. I’m still not yet really used to that warm and humid weather!

And then for a while some luck: dark cloud hiding the sun… New air-con! 🙂

Then around 30km before reaching my goal, the first mechanical issue appeared. I had seen that the cable of the gear switching cable was not on but had no more in mind. That was two days ago. In the meaning, due to repetitive geat change, there was a jam… And there was no way to fix it on the fly. I needed replacement because I had only one gear left (max speed 19km/h with 120 strokes per minute).

After a while, I saw that I would not succeed to join my cousin and I ring him. He kindly picked me up and we could have a nice time…discussing about all stuff.

Good night 🙂

Tomorrow will be day off and fixing day!

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