End of the day

7 Aug

The highland continued with little lakes and green grasses.
I landing dirt piste for small airplane was to be crossed and I was starting to search for a sleeping place.

At a crossing, I had to solution: more over the highland or “more directly” to the sea. I had enough to eat so I decided for the longer highland road. After 2km, I had to cross again a (smaller) river. But as I did not know how deep it was, I used the same procedure and removing the stuff from the trailer. I wanted directly to find a place where to put the tent. The bad point: few meters after the river, a sign said: no vehicle! I didn’t want to mess something… Not only because a fine but as well because no body would drive there if I would have an accident.

So I brought everything back and search for another place to sleep…and was rewarded by a beautiful rainbow!

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