Hard day with nice points

8 Aug

When I woke up, the weather had changed. Unfortunately I was right: the wind had changed and got stronger…

The first 40km where on the higher plateau, with mostly 90% head wind, which made my legs tired. And on top of it, my bottom started to hurt as well… which made the legs even harder and so on….

I was still hoping for a restaurant or something like that… As nothing appeared, I had to eat my sweeties…

Until I got to Laugarbakki where I found a nice gas station with lots of hand made stuff and friendly people.

After a good lunch, I continued to the road 1, where I had to decide: stop at Hvammstangi or continue to Blönduos.

My legs needed a day of rest, my decision was the shorter one: I went to the camping at Hvammstangi where I met a New Zealand father with his daughter cycling with about the half of weight. They were sorry for me… I wasn’t 🙂



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