Hard day, nice reward

10 Aug
The day started as mentioned quite difficult: loud night due to neighbour and wind. 
At finally around 13:30, I left the camping just a short time after two Spanish cyclist arrived from the east, 60km away. 
With day temperature of around 6-7 degrees, it was really cold. But the nicest cycling of the tour was possible during the first 12km: I had tail wind pushing me forward :-)))
But quite soon after being on the Road 1, the wind turned and from then on it stayed from the front, until I went right to the  road number 724 uphill…
The funny part: I had the feeling that half a dozen km left before and after me, I often saw sun beams while I was below (or in) fog..
Finally, I found a place where to put the tent, as the lands left and right were fenced after a few meter. And to my knowledge, one shouldn’t place a tent on a fenced or cultured land…
So after 75km I found near the river a nice place..
Tent is set up… Good night!

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