Half day….

10 Aug
The alarm clock was replaced by ducks flying around…
I knew/expected to have head wind for the first km which than changed to tail wind when I got back on the road 1, which as seen yesterday makes a huge difference. 
The fact that I left the 1 was really good: more tail wind, quiet area, 4km less to ride. But may be 150m more of climbing. 
Soon after joining back the Nr 1, the climbing started again (up to 350m). First easier with tail wind, than side and head/side wind…. I wish to have driven "English", on the left side, to avoid the compression of trucks and buses. 
After a longer plateau, the road went down to the next valley (10m) where I can finally enjoy lunch and make a rest. 
Short before arriving in Vidimiry, the speed-o-meter showed something like 68km/h… :-))
In the back, you can merely see the first part of the ramp…
First part of the climbing:
The dot on the water are swan 😉
Soon the river will go straight:


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