2nd half of the day

10 Aug

The first part of the afternoon was perfect: tail wind, full stomach…

The road follows the river and is not to wide. Many cars seems not to be used to have a cyclist on the road, as they slow down when they want to overtake while another car is coming. And as always, there are exceptions: a car with Zurich plate bypassed with full speed and with 25cm distance to my elbow. Or like the other one who bypassed another car when I was just there. In such moments, your heart beat accelerate very fast!

At 16:57, things changed: from one second to the other, the wind changed direction: from nice tail to head wind.

The ramp was still going up (1-5%) and it was quite difficult to stir at low speed when cars overtook and the head-side wind stopped.

After a while I decided to take the old road, which was left-side hand. The advantage: no cars at all. The disadvantage: the road was not so continuously going up. And then, at a given point some cheep were blocking a bit the way… As I did not want to stress them to much, I walked a bit which was good for my legs…

Tent is up, ready for good night…

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