Passing Akureyri

12 Aug
The day started with a new alarm clock: at around 5:30, the sheep started to make some noise… That was to early for me, so I turned myself around again. 
The morning was quite sunny. 

But to make it short: beside the 12km before Akureyri I only had head wind… The lucky three cyclists that cycled in opposite direction. 

After a few kilometres I found an iPhone5 beside the road. Of course it was not working anymore. But electronics can be a source of pollution… And (nearly) everything that I see that really can pollute is put on my trailer. So was the empty bottle of motor oil (shell) with some drops of oil in it. If that gets into the river, you can’t really drink it anymore…

The rest is of the day is summarised in pictures….
Gud n8



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