To lake Myvatn

13 Aug
The day started with some rain drops, but it had stopped before I was ready to start after breakfast. It was a good night: I could sleep until 8:30 ! 🙂
The position where I had place the tent was good, even it had take some time: I could enjoy the first kilometres downhill and then I had tail wind… :-))
And the road later were getting dry… If I had left earlier, I would run into the rain…
Later on, I made a strange experience. First it was very nice to cycle beneath wild horses that were guided by a dozen of riders. (I’ll upload a movie later on). But then and to my common sense something went "not" normal because occasionally, horses left the line. I think it was because riders were only in the front and back and not to the side. But I don’t know…
Anyway, to one point one of the rider (seemed to be a chief because of the white sign on the back of his green jacket) was behind trying to catch the outriding horses. May be his horse was afraid by my trailer and the sound of my hubs, but he had to make a full stop on the road with the result of 1-2m long iron line on the road. It seemed to me that the horse was a rebel… So the rider went down to maybe strengthen the "cords". The horse didn’t want to…and then the rider punched him. Unfortunately, I was just then not filming anymore…
A few kilometres before Gothafoss, the group went to the left.. And I discovered  that nice waterfall… (fall of the gods, where they throw figurines of gods).
Just before lunch, I interchanged rear and trailer wheel as a test before going into the highlands, where I want to mount as well the larger tire on the front wheel.
Arriving at the lake Myvatn there were two ways. I wanted to follow the road 1. Maps and signs were saying different things. I took the shorter, west road. 
Before arriving at the camping, I went into the local supermarket for the supper and choose my place at the camping, where I meat as two nice Swiss cyclist coming down from the highlands, where very strong winds (over 75km/h) had forced them to take the bus to here.
Finally I could enjoy a shower and wash my clothes…
Bon appetit!
PS: the reason why I don’t like camping: you always will find people who don’t care about others…
Trying to get some sleep…

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