What a night…

18 Aug

What a night!

Yesterday evening, I stopped cycling after it had begun to rain and after having reach the Crossing of the F910 & F905 in direction of the highlands.  

The wind came at that time from south-south-east. 

At 3 in the morning, I woke up due to the starting light and noise: the wind came now from north-north-east, rain and wind were stronger. So stronger, that from 4am I had to put my knees against the tent wall, just to be sure… In fact: as the wind had turned by nearly 180 degrees, now it was winding where I had the weaker post which hold the tent (Hering/sardines).

At 6am as it was a bit less rainy I stood up and used the bike as anchor. From now on, something I will always do! The tent is much quieter…

Now I will try to get some sleep and decide later on, if today will be a resting day or not…,



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