2012-06-10: Arriving in Catania…

11 Jun

Long day today…
But what a positive day today. May be the reason why I could “not” stop. As long as I had tail wind, I wanted to enjoy it. And then there was no more place to stay: I needed a shower to be ready on Monday for the next milestone.
The first impression of Catania are ambiguous: the “slumps”are really slumpy and the heart with university, gymnasium, churches etc looks very nice. Will see tomorrow by sunlight while searching a post office.
Some picts of day:
Yes, Gela is industrial. Ok, I
was not at the beach

Just in time: the fume was gone:

Another life form

Rest of the past:

Looking back: Gela

Old culture vs Dallas:
Did not know oil was in Sicily!

And another of electricity production: barrage

Still going up:

Something not to be seen by car:

Kind of crystals (did not test if salty, would bey guess)

Reaching first pass:


Near the 2nd top

New autobahn?

First shadow:

Second view:

Many village/towns are on the hill:

Some fall down:


Little sprint:

Fire again

It was getting late, I had to mount the lights!

By Georges

Location:Via Beato Cardinale Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet,Catania,Italy

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