2012-06-12: Taormina

12 Jun

I finally arrived in Taormina were the big search for an hotel or B&B started.

First for cycler: I wouldn’t be to much afraid of cycling up: the road is not that steep. I would even say I was quite enjoying it.

To make the long story short: have a try at Hotel Schuler. Clean, quite, very friendly personal and multilingual (at least Italian, English and German). Many other hotels (I mean as well in Switzerland or else over the world) could learn from them. And yes, by the way, they try to save electricity and preserve the environment.
I had room number 35: very “small”. Very cosy… even for two. And the shower… 🙂 🙂

In the morning you will choose your breakfast…hmmm… Stay to long and you will have extra weight in the plane :o)

And last but not least: perfect price performance ratio!



View from the balcony with the hotels own little garden

View from the guest balcony

Diner near hotel:

My recommendation. I know where to stay next time.

(yes: they have a garage)

I thought to have earned that one:

On the next morning, the Etna showed the change in wind direction;


By Georges

Location:Taormina Hotel Schuler

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