2012-06-15: arrived at Mortilla

15 Jun

The end of the day was longer: one closed hotel followed the other.
Todays program (and of the others) is to make some kilometres in order to reach my goal, which is still far over 1000km…

Anyway, the 2nd part of the day in pictures:

Direction of the evening: not with a watch…

Yes, quite “hilly” here: over 1300 climbing in two hills of about 400m

Contradiction of buildings…

2nd part of the lunch: I’ll try to eat less but more often. Salami picchhhhante (some words sound like from German spoken – in south Sicilly as well) for just 2€!

Vibo Valencia:

Some shopping? 65€…

Am I back??

Now about precision of numbers:

118 vs 102km? And Scilla is in the regio calabrese. And remember the “motivation” in the morning saying Salerno 495km? I have different maths or I’m to tired…

Just had the motivation: don’t to climb that hill..

Terrace of the Hotel:

And the summit of the day: Gnochetti con tartufo e gamberi

Try it!

Cheers, Georges

By Georges


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