2012-06-15: Scilla-Palmi

15 Jun

The rest day was good and needed. Just the restaurant Uguai or so was not needed: expensive, not much and not specialy good. On top of it, the boss was one of those “I-think-to-be-best-but-I-am-a-looser-and-dressed-like-a-I-think-to-be-a-trendsetter” which is generally not my taste.
Part of the morning was spent in Scilla which is really nice and because I needed some cash.
Then the road continued to the north with small gentle climb in Bagnara.
For now I can say the traffic is much quiter and smoother as in Sicily, but still not like Switzerland, Germany or Austria…
Having a short break before Palmi and continuing…
(coffee taste the same(-: as in Sicily)
Last night:

Wanted to take that little street when a dog started to make noise… Ok, next one…

My first 8-Street: first under the bridge, turn left, again under the bridge, turn right, over the bridge:

Little motivation?

One of the last view of Sicilly with the street of Messina

Bay of Bagnara

Calabrian view

By Georges

Location:Contrada Sant’Elia,Palmi,Italy

Location:Contrada Sant’Elia,Palmi,Italy

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