2012-06-17: to Eboli, part two

17 Jun

So, here some missing text and pictures from the trip to Eboli.
First I forgot to mention: after about 30min of cycling I had a chat with a french guy going the other way: from Avignon to Agrigento where his dead father is from. Noble cause. That guy sleeps very little and starts in the morning around 6am. Since the trip in the back lands: might be a good alternative to think about.
Then later on, I met two Italien from Palermo cycling from Venezia back home.

New&old bridge: stay there!

My lungs were quite lucky:

15% descent:

The first lung&muscles breaker:

The 2nd lung&muscle breaker:

To many flies: cycle with open mouth and you get your protein shot of the day.

By Georges

Location:Via Roma,Salerno,Italy

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