2012-06-17: to Eboli

17 Jun

What I forgot to writecabout the costal region travelled the last 160km is that it seems to be the wedding zone as every few kilometre you’ll find a hotel with special arrangement and a shop for wedding clothes… Either whole Italy and more has wedding there or the divorce and rewedding rate must be terribly high… :o)

Today was a long and hot day… So I make it short. 145km, 1750pos. meter and up to 36C.
My decision to go via the inland was not the best. Even at 800m the temperature was quite high, the sea did not cool. And the wind while cycling down came from the wrong side.
After 100km, no hotel until 145km in Eboli (= 2 Ebola or more?). But a nice drop of 200m, which later on was recovered to climb again to over 400m.
Will try to post more pictures later….
Cheers, Georges

Location:Via Umberto Nobile,Eboli,Italy

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