2012-06-19: al Vesuvio

19 Jun

The crater view from the south:

The site of Pompeii is at the end of the long line… So far and so close!

Were it starts to be interesting: one of the touristic guy at the top (south part) gave me the tip where to leave the road down the Vesuvio.
First advantage: I would avoid seeing the guards again.
2nd: I would get out more to the East and better to continue the way to the North.
3rd: I’m still riding a mountain bike… 🙂
4th: you would get better pictures
About the last point: I’ll have to download them from the digicam… (with film) 🙂

She wasn’t there… No need to start cheering 😉

New house…

… standard surrounding:

Ok, there are some few very nice housing (e.g. the Palezzo Rosenthal), but my main view was just dirt. I may say something wrong: The two main differences between Napoli and Africa? Napoli has more Italian people and asphalt roads.

Either Vesuvio powder or Napoli mud… I’ll go for the first one:

By Georges

Location:Vesuvio, Napoli, Italia

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