2012-06-20: to Latina

20 Jun

A little summary, as my first goals are now reached:
-reaching Genova in 2 cycling days
-sleeping on the deck of the ferry
-reaching one of the western points if Sicily/Italy: Marsala
-sleeping on the Etna
-joining Etna sud and north by bike
-reaching Calabria by ship
-Climbing up the Vesuvio
-Finding a MTB-path down the Vesuvio
Now those are reached, I’ve set up the next one which demands more kilometres a day. And therefor the pictures won’t be as nice as some of the last ones.

Before continuing I needed some cash again. In direction of the next town, I found some thing interesting:

Solar photovoltaic cells covering a green house: the best combination as it provides some shadow as protection from the strong sun and produces electricity. Big 🙂

The northern part of Napoli is dedicated to beaches:

Followed by some hills

Cycling is not always nice: you are on a main road and in a few moments, you have to decide between autostrada (forbidden for bicycle) or that:
2.8km long, fortunately both way in my direction:

Ship bay:

One of those would have been nice, just a little to big:

Strange company name:

By the way, the missing few:
-most south point Sicily/Italia
(reason enough to cycle again in Sicily *smile*: some people should understand that message!)
By Georges

Location:Via dei Marrucini,Latina,Italy

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