2012-06-21: To Santa Severa

21 Jun

Four times… Four times the wrong way!
One because I had the map bad in mind.
One because a guy told me the road would continue along the beach to the next village.
Twice because of Google:
-it send me to a kind of an airport terminal and wanted me to enter the restricted area.
-it showed the “Via della Torre di Palidoro” crossing the train trace but in reality, the road begun to be smaller and smaller, covered with plants and finally just ending before the line. Georges’illness again said don’t go back, look carefully right left right left and so on an cross it. Done. The next problem: there was a fence/barrier separating me to the road which was 10m away. And that fence belonged to the house of a guy who did not want to let me through…
Anyway: I guess it would not have been easier through Roma directly, and there, to many nice building would have slow me down… I will come back for Roma only!
Anyway, after 150km with a lot of tail wind, I’m happy to go to bed… Just need my body to cool down!
One of the major income:

For the meat eater:

Again larger site

Is somebody happy of the tail wind? 😉

Country side near Roma

Parking area…

…for the nature beach of Roma surrounded by military planes exercising landing and take off in circles.

By Georges

Location:Via Aurelia,Santa Marinella,Italy

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