2012-06-22: To Grosseto…

22 Jun

Hard day… The main wind direction was from 9 to 1… Also mostly from the front. Then the qvia Aurelia which is not an Autostrada/Autobahn was more dangerous as cycling on real Autostrada, as the safety line was sometimes missing.
The problem is mostly: once you are on it, you barely can change your itinerary.
Once I was nearly brought down when one guy from a side street thought he could made it before I pass and accelerated: I was ready to land on his car…
Beside that, the last hotel was well… hum… just ok and as I had to fight against mosquitos the sleep was not that good.
Industry at Civitavecchia/
Still there: would you like to go the beach?
(some picts missing)

Some of those signalisation polls are funny:

By Georges


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